Our vision is to foster an approach of economics which promotes social justice and contributes to the wellbeing of people and the natural environment.  We argue that mainstream economics is not adapted to address the societal challenges of our times given its reliance on theories and models which do not account for the social ecological dimensions of our economies. To achieve such an objective, we believe that the drive for profit-seeking and material wealth at the core of capitalist economies must be replaced with an economic model geared towards sufficiency, equity and harmony within the socio-ecological systems we inhabit. Amongst others, this includes giving primary importance to activities of social reproduction, such as care, community and creative work, redistributing wealth, promoting models of democratic public ownership and supporting radical reforms to the financial and monetary system. 

With this website, our aim is to offer a platform for the democratisation of alternative approaches to economics for people to engage critically and constructively with key issues of economic nature. Whilst our main focus surrounds social ecological economics, we rely on insights from a variety of other schools of thought and adopt intersectional perspectives to the topics discussed. Above all, we aim to provide an inclusive space for the further discussion, dissemination and implementation of social ecological economics principles and ideas.